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  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  BOXX Technologies and 3Dconnexion invite you to try to win an overclocked, liquid cooled 3DBOXX 4050 XTREME workstation. Valued at over $3,500, XTREME is considered by some as the world's fastest workstation for engineering, product design, architectural visualization, animation, and more. As a bonus, this 4050 XT arrives complete with a SpacePilot™ Pro from 3Dconnexion! Take a chance at winning, complete the brief survey now.

Design for Manufacturability When designing your products, do you run into issues with costs being higher than expected, parts not fitting together properly on the assembly line, or product release delays to correct performance problems? See how SolidWorks 3D design tools can help you avoid them and give you a handle on cost, fit, and function before manufacturing. Register and Watch the Video.

Want to convert your drafting environment to Draftsight? We can customize DraftSight for you, whether you're using the free version of DraftSight, or are benefiting from DraftSight's Premium version with support and services. Learn more.

Join the DraftSight online community The community delivers support and learning resources, along with an environment to interact, ask questions and share opinions. Log in required. Join now.
  The LYONS’ ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
video VIDEO TIP - Mouse Gestures
Mouse gestures can be excellent productivity tools, and are easy to use. WATCH THIS VIDEO

QUICK TIP - Polar Tracking Try using Polar Tracking instead of Ortho for drawing your horizontal and vertical lines. By using Polar Tracking, you will be able to draw lines at any point on your screen, however, your cursor will also Snap to a vertical or horizontal direction without having to use Ortho.
  Tips, tips and more tips: Check out our no-cost tips and tricks flip book now – loaded with productivity boosters!

Lyons' Share Webinar – DraftSight, Back to Basics. Register Now.
  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
  Take a Chance at Winning a DraftSight-SolidWorks Prize Pack – including a DraftSight OGIO® Backpack, a DraftSight t-shirt, a SolidWorks tumbler, and more… Fifteen lucky winners will be randomly selected from the group of respondents that answer just 4 questions correctly. Good luck! Sponsored by SolidWorks — Start the Premium Challenge Now.

Tech Support Webinars: How to Troubleshoot Common Challenges in DraftSight – Join us for troubleshooting tips and solutions to the most common challenges. This webinar will guide you through case-by-case scenarios of challenges and solutions including installation, graphics, printing, and more.
Date: Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST (GTM - 8h)
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  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS and information for your success  
  On behalf of our colleagues at SolidWorks, we invite you to learn "Ten Strategies for Becoming an Effective CAD Leader". If you're not already, you too can become an effective CAD leader by taking a strategic approach to the implementation and use of CAD software and related applications. Register for and download the whitepaper now.

  Industrial Equipment:  
  How to help your company thrive in today's challenging business environment - learn how to increase the speed of decision making along the entire product life cycle from concept to design, from engineering to manufacturing and to service. Get IDC Manufacturing Insights' white paper with guidance and tips on how to help your business grow today and tomorrow. Register and get your whitepaper now.   comic book Need a break? Take a minute to read Dassault Systemes' comic dedicated to users in the Industrial Equipment industry. Discover what's behind the new industry solution experience "Single Source for Speed" that focuses on "one unique solution to design, source, produce, and provide fast service anywhere" Check out the comic now.

Aerospace & Defense Give us 90 seconds and we'll show you a more effective way to manage your Aerospace & Defense Programs. While most A&D organizations have program management systems in place, few are integrated across all business functions. Interested in how to transform program management into a fully integrated way of working and apply an innovative approach at every phase of your operations? View the short video.
Realistic Simulation – See how Nabtesco Ensures Gear Strength and Endurance in Gusty Wind Conditions with SIMULIA – Dassault's realistic simulation solution — Watch the Video.
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